Strategic Networks has designed a Rewards Program (the “Strategic Reward Program”) which is based on a point system which will allow you to Obtain discounts, gift certificates, vacations, imaging, etc (see complete list at our website: . The points earned through our Program allow you to obtain discounts for services and rewards (See complete rewards listing at: Program will be renewed yearly.
1. EARNING POINTS: At the time you sign-up, you will automatically earn 1000 points (the “Automatic Points”). “Purchase Points” are additional points that can be earned based on your usage of our affiliated business – defined as all amounts you pay for the Service, exclusive of Taxes and Fees and any other costs. Purchase Points are accumulated into our system and calculated, where one point is earned for each  “dollar” of spending on our affiliated business (list of all business at:
There will be rounding of cents (i.e. $1.99 means 2 points earned is earned). As a further example, if your bill indicates a purchase of $76.65, you will have earned 77 points.

In addition to the Automatic Points and the Purchase Points, the Program offers points for your loyalty (“Loyalty Points”) which accrue for every renewal on your membership program every twelve months. You will earn double of what we offer to sign up. For example: If we offer 1000 bonus points, once you renew your membership with us you will get credited 1000 to sign up and 1000 for renewal. Plus any offer available at the time our program is effective. (Credit will be issued 60 days after fist usage)

NOTE: You can only obtain Loyalty Points for accounts where you have actual usage. If you have no usage in a particular year your membership, you will not earn any Loyalty Points for that year, only the sign-up bonus.

Finally, you can obtain points simply by referring customers to Strategic Network Rewards Program (“Referral Points”). For every customer that you refer to Strategic that actually sign-up with us, you will earn 500 Referral Points.

You can only obtain Referral Points if the customer actually signs-up.

b. REDEEMING POINTS: All Automatic Points, Purchase Points, Loyalty Points and Referral Points (collectively the “Points”) will be tabulated every time you purchase with one of our affiliated business.

You may redeem the Points directly with one of our affiliated businesses if is a discount or a credit with that particular business. Also on our website on our redeem option or you can redeem by calling our Customer Service at 1-866-334-9673. You can only redeem the Points for any of our rewards as long as there is the required balance on your account. You can check your balance at:

You must select which reward you are seeking. Once your transaction is processed through Customer Service (in the event of telephone redemption), the TRANSACTION CANNOT BE REVERSED.

A side of discounts with our network you may also choose to redeem Points to receive free hotel stays, gas cards, gift certificates, gift cards, etc
(see complete list at:

In order to determine how many Points are needed for any of the above-referenced rewards you 
will have to identify, the amounts of points required for said reward.

Termination will be determined by Strategic Network or Customer whichever comes first. If any of the above terms are compromised with the account. In case of termination of service, all Points that have not been redeemed will be lost. If you cancel your membership before you received a reward your final balance will be cero; your account will not have Any Points to be redeemable. Points are only redeemable with active reward accounts.

The Points do not have any cash value. You will not receive a refund for Points that exceed the value of any services given by one of our affiliated business. You can only get discounts at selected business ( or redeem for one of our rewards.

For example: if you have accumulated 400 Points, and your total bill with one of our affiliated business is $ 400.00, you cannot cash those points for that same amount. Now if one of our affiliated business is offering 10 percent discount on any given service for a total amount of 1000 points and you have those points available on your account, you will be eligible to get said discount for that amount of points.
Finally, your points have no expiration as long as your membership with Strategic Network is active. You must renew yearly or points will be lost.
If you have not redeemed your Points within one year from the date you entered into our reward program and you cancel or don’t renew your membership with us within 30 days of your anniversary date, your Points will be lost on the date of renewal.
Pricing for renewal will be calculated yearly only. Offers my vary for renewal.
"S & N Marketing Group is not be liable for any services, promises verbal or in writing not rendered by any of our affiliated businesses."

"S & N Marketing Group reserves the right to store and save any information containing customers account for further analisis."

"Member must inform S & N Marketing Group of any changes on any personal information to keep account constantly accurate."

"Each member shall have its own account. Accounts shall not be shared. Accounts sharing points shall be cancelled.

"Program not valid where prohibited by law"
If any of our affiliates withdraws from our program, Points ACCOUMULATED will automatically expire.
Unless specified, points shall be posted to your account at the affiliated retail location where service was given. S & N Marketing shall not be hold responsible for points not posted to your account. S & N Marketing acts like an intermediate between customer and retail location.
Offers to accumulate points may vary from time to time.

Customer will be responsible to inform of any  new points not being added to the account.
Points not requested after 30 days will be void.


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